Monsoon in Chhattisgarh:Yellow alert issued for 4 days; Light showers today, possibility of heavy rain in the state from August 2 to 4

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There is a possibility of showers from Friday night to Saturday with light rain and thunder. Due to lack of rain, the heat felt in the state will be slightly less, but from August 2, heavy rain may start at some places across the state. It will continue for the next three days i.e. 4 August. During this period, rain may also occur at some places. Bikaner, Sikar, Agra, Fatehpur, Gaya, North East from Dumka to Manipur A monsoon basin has formed till Bengal and Assam.

This will bring rain in northeast , but there is a cyclone from south coastal Andhra Pradesh to north Tamil Nadu to rain in central . A monsoon Dronika extends from Marathwada to interior Tamil Nadu to northern Tamil Nadu. Due to these , there will be rains in Central and South India including Chhattisgarh. A Dronika runs from the coast of Maharashtra to southwest Madhya Pradesh to northern Madhya Pradesh. Due to this, a large amount of moisture will reach Madhya Pradesh through Chhattisgarh and will cause rain in many states of central India. There is a north to south monsoon basin from north-east Uttar Pradesh to southeast Madhya Pradesh.

According to Meteorologist HP Chandra of Lalpur Meteorological Center, due to these systems, rain activities will intensify in the state for the next two-three days. All parts of the state i.e. North, Central and South Chhattisgarh may receive good rains.

Due to lack of rain, heat and humidity have increased
due to lack of rain in the state for the last few days. The humidity in the air is still more than 70 percent and the temperature has also increased. Day temperatures are between 30 to 34 degrees in cities like Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg, Rajnandgaon, Jagdalpur etc. Temperatures everywhere are three to four degrees above average. Due to this, heat and humidity have increased in the day.
Warning: For four days, the Meteorological Department has issued yellow alert in the state. The Meteorological Department will issue additional warnings if there is a possibility of heavy rainfall in a particular area.

Four day forecast

  • 1 August - Light to moderate rain in some places
  • 2 August - Chance of moderate rain in many places
  • August 3 - Heavy rain at most places in the state
  • August 4 - Heavy rain at most places in the state

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