Ladakh: On the southern side of Pangong Tso, the Indian troops took control of the victory site, which was a great success.

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's valiant soldiers in eastern once again not only thwarted the Chinese soldiers' intentions with their valor, but also took control of the high-altitude area on the bank of Tso Lake. Control of this area lying dormant will give the Indian army a strategic advantage in the event of war here. Meanwhile, sources have also told that at the commander level meeting between the two countries in Chushul and Moldo, talks were on to resolve the issue and reduce the tension, but no result has been reached.

The high area of ​​the skirmish is in the Indian side of the LAC, but China claims it to be on its part. Sources said that a Special Operation Battalion was recently dispatched to the area. On the intervening night of 29-30 August, this battalion took over the highlands from where the Chinese troops were just a few hundred meters away.

The elevated area under control by Indian troops, including the Special Operations Battalion, is on the southern shore of Pangong Tso Lake. Sources said that the party which is in possession of this area gets a lot of strategic advantage to control the area. 

China, which has refused to infiltrate, has once again accused Indian soldiers of violating LAC. The PLA Western Theater Command told the Global Times, "The Indian troops violated the consensus made in several rounds of negotiations and crossed the line of actuarial control and provoked."

Earlier in the day, Indian Army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand told that the Chinese army unilaterally carried out provocative military activity on the southern coast of Pangong Tso on the intervening night of August 29 and 30, but Indian troops failed the attempt. gave.

Sources said that the top military and defense authorities have reviewed the entire situation in East Ladakh. Simultaneously, Army Chief General MM Narwane held a meeting with top military officials over the latest confrontation. A source said, "The army has strengthened the deployment of troops and weapons at all strategic points in the Pangong So area." Sources said that a large number of Chinese troops were marching towards the southern bank of Pangong Lake. The purpose of which was to encroach upon the said area, but the Indian Army made an important deployment to thwart the attempt.

A violent skirmish took place between the two countries for the first time in the Galvan Valley on June 15, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. China did not provide any information about its casualties, but according to the US intelligence , 35 of its soldiers were killed. India and China have held several seventy-two military and diplomatic talks in the last two and a half months but no concrete solution has been found on the East Ladakh case.

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