LAC: China turns tensions towards India, tensions increase

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New Delhi. In East Ladakh , tensions between the India and China Army on LAC have been steadily increasing. China has turned missiles towards India. However, even after getting a befitting reply from Indian soldiers, China is not deterring its antics.ALSO READ: LAC : Chinese troops with rods, spears and rods attempted to enter East Ladakh, Indian Army gave a befitting replyAccording to the Chinese government media Global Times, the PLA has deployed heavy military force including the HJ-10 anti-tank missile system, paratroopers, special forces of the 71st Battle Group of the PLA Tibet Military Command due to tensions. It has been reported that anti-aircraft guns and missiles have turned towards India.

According to reports, China wants to infiltrate key peaks near the southern end of Pangong Lake. Chinese soldiers have made such efforts many times, but they have received a befitting reply every time.

China is consistently showing its grandeur on LAC. Even after a word of mouth from the Indian Army, it is continuously increasing the munitions on the border.According to media reports, the PLA has deployed bombers, air safety and paratroopers in the plateau areas in recent exercises.

Maneuvers for Capture and Control: China's PLA Tibet Military Command recently conducted a joint exercise from East China's Jiangsu Province in the Gobi Desert of northwest China.
Paratroopers and the Air Force have begun exercises to capture and control the multifaceted area through heavy equipment and live fire drills in this maneuver at an altitude of more than 4,500 meters. According to defense sources such practices are a clear indication of China's expansionist intentions.

It is being told that in view of the snowy desert area of ​​Leh-Ladakh, different battle groups of the Chinese Army are being conducted such exercises. In any case, the Chinese military is trying to gain a military edge by occupying India's strategic position.

Why the Chinese army has lost: The Chinese army has been exasperated by the Indian Army's control over key peaks near the southern end of Pangong Lake on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. The PLA tried to infiltrate near Rejang-La on Monday evening, which was thwarted by the Indian jawans.

Chinese soldiers brought spears, spears: 50-60 Chinese soldiers near Mukhri peak and Rekin La, north of Rejang La, armed with spears, spears and sharp weapons, ready to carry out deception like Galvan valley Had come
PLA soldiers who came with the intention of seizing these strategically important peaks also did 10-15 rounds of aerial firing.However, the Indian Army, with restraint, drove out the Chinese soldiers without firing. On 15 June, China was attacked in the Galvan Valley with stones, nail sticks and rods, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed.
Tension persists on LAC: Tensions continue between LAC India and China Army in East Ladakh. According to reports, the People's Liberation Army of China has deployed anti-tank and anti-aircraft, missile systems. The Indian Army is also ready to give a befitting reply.

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