Report Wire - Kejriwal’s ‘free cash’ to ’empower ladies’ solely performs to the patriarchal prejudice in opposition to ladies who’re already preventing varied battles

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Kejriwal’s ‘free cash’ to ’empower ladies’ solely performs to the patriarchal prejudice in opposition to ladies who’re already preventing varied battles

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Kejriwal's 'free money' to 'empower women' only plays to the patriarchal prejudice against women who are already fighting various battles

On Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal introduced ‘free money’ to all ladies in Punjab, no matter their monetary standing or requirement, ought to Aam Aadmi Party come to energy within the state.
दुनिया में कोई सरकार नहीं है, जिसने माओं, बहनों और बेटियों के खाते में ₹1000 डाले हो।#KejriwalDiTeejiGuarantee पंजाब की महिलाओं की कैसे करेगी मदद?देखिए-— AAP (@AamAadmiParty) November 22, 2021
He promised Rs 1,000 each month to each lady. “Imagine, 18-20 year old girls want to go to college but father does not have money. Now they will be able to go to college when they get Rs 1,000. Many girls wish to buy new clothes but hesitate in asking their father for money. What if father does not give. Now she wont need to go ask her father, she can go to market and buy it. Many housewives are not able to give anything to their children because husband does not give money. Now she won’t have to check her husband’s mood before getting things for her children,” he stated.
“She wants to buy a new saree. It has been many years since her husband bought her a saree. Now she will be able to buy the saree with the money this brother will give her. There are old mothers save money by saving Rs 10, 20 to give them to their married daughter secretly when they visit home. Now these mothers will be able to give Rs 1,000 to their daughters saying my son has given the money,” he stated.
Kejriwal then claimed that this explicit scheme will empower ladies. “Rs 1,000 is not too much,” he stated. He claimed that the cash for it’s going to come when he ends transport and different mafia.
Economics of the ‘free money’ scheme
Before we start to debate how problematic this scheme is, let me briefly contact upon the economics of this scheme and the way completely unreal it’s to make such promise. Approximate grownup feminine inhabitants of Punjab as of 2021 stands at about 1 crore 10 lakh. Rs 1,000 per 30 days, or about Rs 12,000 per yr for 1 crore 10 lakh ladies can be Rs 13,200 crore. And this is only one yr. Who pays for this free cash? Tax payers, together with ladies (who may additionally get Rs 12,000 again as free cash?).
‘Free money’ isn’t empowerment
If you pay attention intently Kejriwal’s speech whereas saying the free cash, you possibly can see how it’s so deeply rooted in patriarchy, the very system ladies throughout India and world are preventing day in and day trip. All his statements are how ladies are in full management of males and it’s males who dictate how ladies ought to dwell and the way ladies want males to care for their wants.
Kejriwal speaks about women not having the ability to go to school as a result of father is not going to give cash for school charges and with the free cash, the women will then be capable to go to school. So, if larger schooling is a standards, why not give subsidy on schooling? Why not waive off charges for ladies if their financial situation is the one purpose they’re not capable of examine additional? Also Rs 12,000 per yr isn’t sending any lady to school when the household is already stopping her schooling. At greatest, contemplating the household state of affairs being painted right here (extreme monetary disaster+patriarchy), it will likely be snatched from her and added to household’s grocery bills or worse, medication and alcohol.
He speaks about how women wish to purchase new garments however father could not agree to purchase new garments, however with free cash women will be capable to purchase new garments, with out having to be depending on father. Again, it’s simply accepted and given that ladies dwell their lives as per the needs of the male determine of their lives. Who are these males who don’t let their daughters go to school? Or get them garments? AAP voters?
Instead, why not promise employment alternatives, self assist teams, expert workforce, seed capital to begin their very own companies? How is ‘free money’ higher than alternative to create wealth and additional employment alternatives? If the lady earns her personal cash, she is not going to solely purchase the ‘suit’ she needs to but in addition avoid wasting and perhaps purchase her personal home too.
Kejriwal then strikes on to housewives who’re once more subservient to their husbands who by no means provides cash for small bills or doesn’t purchase her a saree. Firstly, allow us to query whether or not that is an abusive relationship? Does the husband not do that as a result of he has no cash or he doesn’t do it as a result of he’s abusive? If former, maybe provide them each employment alternatives (all the time a greater choice than free cash) and if latter, provide her safety and security and methods to get out of abusive relationship. ‘Here, take free money every month and get yourself a saree’ isn’t actually an important concept.
And lastly he speaks concerning the quintessential filmy boodhi maa who has no cash to present her married daughter visiting residence.
Nirupa Roy as poor mom in some movieNow, it begs the query whether or not this married daughter is in Punjab? If sure, isn’t she additionally getting free cash from Kejriwal? If sure, why is she being such a leech and mooching off free cash from Kejriwal from her boodhi maa?
Smashing the patriarchy
What is even worse about this ‘free money’ scheme is taking part in proper into the patriarchal society ladies such as you and I try to combat every day. Right from equal pay to proper to equal job alternatives. You know the way completely normalised it’s for girls to be requested ‘are you married?’ and ‘do you have children/plan to have children?’ throughout job interviews? Because these issues are thought of earlier than hiring ladies. Men, alternatively, don’t normally get this query. It is simply assumed that even when he does get married, or have kids, his effectivity wont get affected. Women, alternatively, will prioritise kids and residential and therefore are evaded the highest administration.
Last night Kejriwal went on an auto journey in Punjab after which went for dinner on the auto driver’s residence. Though ultimately it turned out that the stated auto driver was an AAP employee. However, the truth that Kejriwal and his gang could be protected when the auto driver or anybody for that matter takes a detour and never get into absolute panic mode is male privilege.
Last weekend, I used to be strolling on a important highway close to Jawaharlal Nehru University in Vasant Kunj space of New Delhi. A automobile coming from behind slowed down. My first thought was I used to be getting kidnapped. Considering the crime price state of affairs in Delhi, my fears weren’t misplaced. The automobile ultimately sped off and I didn’t find yourself being a sufferer of any crime, however that’s the distinction between being Kejriwal, a person, and me, a girl. A person can take a nap throughout lengthy commute on metro, cab, bus however a girl wouldn’t. That’s male privilege. And that’s what we’re preventing every single day.
Survival is a wrestle. Surviving as a girl much more so. From residence to society to work place to even social media – we’ve got to combat prejudice and patriarchy at each step. The Rs 1000 each month free cash solely provides to the battle. The fixed ‘taunts’ one would get to listen to as a result of, ‘well, why don’t you sit at residence and take the free cash as a substitute of utilizing your knees in workplace?’ The knee jibe is usually given to inform ladies that they assume from their knee as a result of unka dimaag ghutno mein hai – I’ve personally heard this jibe from a professional chartered accountant, no much less.
So after we are already preventing a number of battles on varied fronts, why add to our woes? Instead why not create an atmosphere the place ladies really feel protected, secured and don’t need to dwell in a Talibaneque atmosphere the place they’ve do depend upon the boys of the home for his or her primary wants.
Charity, they are saying, begins from residence. How about having a girl deputy chief minister? Or let a girl be the nationwide convener for Aam Aadmi Party? To put issues in perspective, the Delhi authorities cabinet, the place Aam Aadmi Party has 62 out of 70 MLAs within the Delhi Assembly and never a single lady MLA is a minister within the Kejriwal cabinet. Why are ladies in his authorities not given extra accountable work? Does Kejriwal assume ladies are solely occupied with shopping for new swimsuit and saree?