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Kangana Ranaut Says Most Actresses ‘Do Films For Free’ And Only She Gets Paid ‘Like Male Stars’

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Home LeisureKangana Ranaut Says Most Actresses ‘Do Films For Free’ And Only She Gets Paid ‘Like Male Stars’

Kangana Ranaut on pay parity: The actress claims to get wage equal to her male co-star. Read her assertion

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Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut simply currently reacted to a video of Priyanka Chopra on her Instagram tales, the place Priyanka talked about pay parity in Bollywood. Kangana claimed that she was the first actor to fight for pay parity throughout the commerce and alleged that many female actors nonetheless work with out value. She moreover asserted that she is the one female actress in Bollywood who’s paid equally to male actors. Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram Stories to share the video of Priyanka Chopra and wrote a remember throughout the caption.

In her story, Kangana acknowledged that almost all actresses sooner than her had merely accepted the patriarchal norms prevalent throughout the commerce. She claimed to be the first one to downside the pay disparity and revealed that in her negotiations for roles, her contemporaries supplied to work with out value on the an identical duties. Kangana expressed her notion that many A-list actresses proceed to work with out value and provide totally different favors ensuing from their concern that the exact roles will most likely be given to a different individual. She moreover criticized these actresses who cleverly launch articles claiming to be the highest-paid whereas partaking in such practices.

Kangana talked about, “It’s true women before me simply submitted to these patriarchal norms… I was the first one to fight for pay parity and most disgusting thing that I faced while doing this that my contemporaries offered to work for free on the same roles that I was negotiating for… I can say with confidence most A listers (women) do films for free along with offering other favours because they fear roles will go to the right people… and then shrewdly release articles that they are highest paid ha ha…”

Kangana emphasised that she is the one female actor throughout the film commerce who receives equal pay to male actors. She added, “In the film industry everyone knows that I only get paid like male actors and no one else… and they have no one else to blame atleast now…”