Report Wire - Kacey Musgraves had ‘guided magic mushrooms’ journey to take care of divorce

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Kacey Musgraves had ‘guided magic mushrooms’ journey to take care of divorce

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Kacey Musgraves had 'guided magic mushrooms' trip to deal with divorce


LOS ANGELES: Singer Kacey Musgraves went on a seven-hour guided magic mushrooms journey to assist course of the tip of her marriage and discover a constructive method to make use of her “trauma and pain”.

The ‘Rainbow’ singer was eager to course of the fallout of her divorce from Ruston Kelly and to “transform (her) trauma and pain into something else” so she launched into “plant therapy”, which concerned taking the hallucinogens beneath supervision.

She stated: “I did it with a health care provider good friend right here and her husband. It’s known as plant remedy.

“It’s been looked at in a lot of areas for help with depression, anxiety, addiction, so many things.”

“Basically, some neuroscientists (from Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University) have created a playlist that’s music from all over the world, put together to guide you, in that state of mind, through different emotions, feeling memories, whatever.”

She added: “We have these neural pathways that we’ve got worn into our mind, sort of like trails within the forest, and what these vegetation do is mainly dump six toes of snow on these pathways and permit you to type new neural connections, to alter your mind, change your habits.

“Through the experience, I was blindfolded, and on a comfortable couch with a soft blanket, this music was playing and all the things I was seeing were in my mind’s eye. The music was painting this whole story, pulling from childhood memories, experiences, thoughts.”

Musgraves was feeling each pluck of a string in her physique.

She stated the expertise was a “big part” of making her new album, ‘Star-Crossed’, reviews

Musgraves instructed Guardian Weekend journal: “The day after, you are inspired to journal and relisten to the playlist, triggering a number of the feelings that you just felt then.

“So that is what I used to be doing the day after, when the phrase ‘Star-Crossed’ popped into my thoughts as a title, and the idea of a contemporary tragedy, the acts, the exposition, the climax and the downfall, then the decision.

“I don’t want it to necessarily speak for my brand as a whole, but it was a big part of this process.”