Japan’s New Prime Minister: Yoshihide Suga becomes Japan’s new Prime Minister, father was farmer and mother was school teacher

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Japan's parliament on Wednesday elected Yoshihide Suga as the new Prime Minister. After nearly 8 years, Suga was elected the new Prime Minister of the country. The lower house of parliament voted for them where the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has a majority. Prior to this, Shinzo Abe, who was Prime Minister, and his cabinet resigned. Prime Minister AB, who held the post of Shinzo AB, who holds the record of holding the post of Prime Minister for a long time in Japan, announced his resignation last month due to his health reasons. Please tell that Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has been AB's right hand for a long time. He was elected the new head of the governing Liberal Democratic Party on Monday.

Suga has praised AB's diplomacy and economic policies. He said that in the new cabinet, he needs hard-working people. According to media sources, Finance Minister Taro Aso, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and Olympic Minister Psycho Hashimoto will continue in their posts. Suga has reduced visits to other countries and is not aware of his diplomatic skills, although there are high expectations from him that he will take AB's priorities forward. The new Prime Minister will have to face many challenges including relations with China. 

Suga in the path of new Prime Minister, father used to cultivate strawberry 

Suga, the son of a strawberry cultivator in the northern part of Akita, made his way for himself in politics. He committed to work for the benefit of the rural community and the common people. He said he would take AB's unfinished policies forward and his top priority would be war on the virus as well as bring back the economy that had been shaken by the epidemic. They are expected to carry AB's policies forward. Suga has been a trusted supporter of AB. AB's tenure was hampered by his ill-health and with Suga's help, he became prime minister again in 2012.  

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