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    December 2, 2020

    Janmashtami:Jewelery pattern dress and masks for Kanha are being customized, dressing up to 25 thousand

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    Free Text to Speech

    Bal Gopal will be seen wearing masks on Janmashtami, with the effect of Kareena infection on Sri Krishna's makeup.

    The effect of Kareena infection will be seen in Lord Krishna's dressing. The city's markets have been decorated for Janmashtami. This time masks are also available in the market for hair gaps. From Kundan, Matia, Paleki, Mirror and silver star work to jewelery pattern dress to stain to masks, people are very fond of them. The silk is finely worked on the fiber for a heavy look. It is being called a jewelery pattern dress because of its jewelery-like design. Not only this, in addition to elephant, horse and sedan, toys like Chaucer, Batminton, Cricket, Football are also in the market for playing Bal Gapal. Bal Gopal should not be alone on Janmashtami, but be seen with the entire team, for this, a set of Ashta Sakhi and his hair sakha are also available. For Kanha, from 10 rupees to 10 thousand rupees are being sold in the city of Pasak.

    Bal Gopal's makeup accessories and their price

    • Dress: Available in the range of Rs 30 to Rs 6500
    • Customized attire: Getting made from 3000 to 25 thousand rupees.
    • Sports Kit Metal: Bat-Ball, Football for Rs 70 to 250
    • Sports Kit Wooden Material: In the range of 20 to 50 rupees.
    • Ashta Sakhis set: Available in 300 to 1200 rupees.
    • Elephant, horse, sedan: 80 to 150 rupees per piece.
    • Mobile phone: 50 to 200 rupees

    According to the budget, there are
    some people who are making pashek and crowns. They are also designing a set of customized dress, crowns and jewelery in a budget of 10 to 25 thousand for a one and a half feet statue of Kanha. For the customization, people are also sharing the design of the legion and crown. Some of the serials of Krishna Bhagwan, which have aired on TV, are also getting inspired dresses customized.

    In addition to Janmashtami, one-to-one-inch masks are decorated in new days like Kanha's family members. Kareena is wearing a mask for every person to avoid infection, now Kanha is also preferring to buy a mask for her. Rashmi Aggarwal, a shop owner, said, one to two inch masks are being available for Kanha. Colorful and stone adorned masks are preferred for a heavy and stylish look.

    There are also friends' troupes, elephants, ghettos and
    mobiles, available in a cutout made of the child base of Krishna Krishna and the wooden base of Ashta Sakhis. They are being used for decoration. Along with these, artificial peacocks of elephant size, elephants and horses are also being found. Shop owner Suruchi Gupta told that dummy mabiles have also come for Kanha, who are liking to keep them near Kanha ji's seat in the house of worship.

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