Is Online Income Possible From Social Media?

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Can money be earned from social media? If they can be earned, what are the platforms and how can they be income from them. Let's know 5 such social media platforms.

Social media platforms: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube, PinTest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Blog, Quora etc. have become a means of earning money at present. Many people pass their time on this and many people make income through it.

1. YouTube: It is a video platform. Lakhs of people are earning money through this social media. For this you need to have a Gmail account. After this you can start work by creating a channel by going to YouTube. Initially you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours only then you can join YouTube's partner program.

2. Facebook: Through this platform you can start your income by creating a Facebook page. You can also earn money by adding photos, videos or links to your website etc. Gmail account is also required for this. There is also an option to Buy and Sell on Facebook. All the small and big organizations are promoting their business with the help of other networking sites including Facebook. Create a fan page on Facebook. Write good content on it and try to connect as many users as possible. Once you start getting good response, then you can make money on this fan page by creating a website related to the topic. Not only this, you can also sell posts on your fan page.

3. Instagram: Like Facebook, there are many ways to earn money from Instagram. With more active users on Instagram, you do not need to find a customer, only you have to create a good and interesting page linked to your interest and keep working on it. Like Facebook, you can earn money from Post sponsored content, Become an affiliate marketer, Sell your own products and Sell Your Photo. Instagram shopping store is a better option.

4. Quora: This is a website of questions and answers. People ask and answer questions in it. You can earn money by joining Quora Partner Program. Also you can use Quora to get more views for your videos. You can also use it to popularize mobile apps. You can also get more readers by promoting your blog or website on it. Just as you can earn money by applying for absence after creating an account on YouTube, blogging, Facebook and fulfilling certain conditions, quora has also started a Quora Partner Program (QPP). In which Quora itself invites us to its partner program after fulfilling certain conditions after creating an account on Quora. This website is very useful for those who have a website or who are well-informed.

5. Blog: Even if you are fond of writing or do not keep it, you can earn money by joining your Google's absence program by creating your own blog or by increasing your followers with the best information on it. This is the easiest way for those who find it difficult to earn money from Facebook or YouTube.

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