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Police nab TMC worker ‘JCB’ for brutal attack on couple in full public view after video goes viral |

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Police in West Bengal’s Chopra block arrested Tejemul, aka JCB, a TMC worker, late on Sunday night on suspicion of assaulting a couple over a suspected extramarital affair. He was taken to the Islampur police station after being taken into custody in Chopra, according to police officials. In a video that went viral, JCB is seen brutally beating up a couple in the open air at a Kangaroo Court in the Chopra block of West Bengal’s North Dinajpur district.

Locals said that JCB had called the victim woman because they suspected her of having an extramarital affair. At the same Kangaroo Court, JCB also viciously beat up the youth, who the victim woman has been accused of having a relationship with.

While the opposition BJP, Congress, and CPI(M) condemned the Mamata Banerjee administration for the incident, the ruling TMC stated that the matter would be investigated.

“Some people are attempting to spread false information about an incident in Chopra PS, Islampur PD. The truth is that police have quickly identified and arrested one person who publicly assaulted a woman,” the Islampur Police District said in a statement. According to the statement, police have provided the victim couple with security.

According to the statement, a case has been filed suo motu, and an investigation has begun. Earlier today, Islampur Police Superintendent Joby Thomas K stated that the police had watched the video clip on social media and had filed a case after verifying it.

The viral video showed the accused beating up the woman, who grimaced in pain while a large crowd watched. He was seen pulling her hair and kicking her. The accused also thrashed a man with his stick.