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DNA Exclusive: Analysis of reasons behind the deadly stampede in Hathras that claimed 116 lives |

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, a horrifying and heart-wrenching incident occurred during a ‘satsang’ where chaos erupted, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least 116 individuals, mostly women and children. The number of casualties continues to rise, painting a grim picture of the severity of the incident.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’, Anant Tyagi analysed the reasons behind the deadly stampede that claimed 116 lives at a satsang led by Bhole Baba in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras.

DNA: Tragic accident in Hathras, UP… More than 115 people died in the accident in the satsang pandal…. CM Yogi said strict action will be taken against the culprits#DNA #UttarPradesh #Hathras #HathrasStampede #YogiAdityanath@Anant_Tyagii @pramodsharma29 — Zee News (@ZeeNews) July 2, 2024

Now the question arises, what triggered this chaos?

Why did chaos occur?

Narayan Sakar Hari was conducting this ‘satsang’ in Phulrai village, Hathras. More than fifty thousand people were present at the ‘satsang.’ After the conclusion of the ‘satsang,’ people rushed to touch Narayan Sakar Hari’s feet. During this time, thousands of people began to exit the pandal together. However, due to the small gate, people began to rush. During this time, devotees started to panic. People began to fall on each other. Gradually, the site of the ‘satsang’ began to be filled with screams and screams.

Narayan Hari, who died in the ‘satsang’, is still outside the grip of the police. The Baba whose negligence caused the death of women and children is missing due to the administration. The disciples of Narayan Hari are doing their best to prove it here and there, that the reason for the incident is the local administration.

However, the truth is that Narayan Hari’s organization has given a lot of trouble and damage in the name of the system. Narayan Hari also knew that he had only been allowed to call 50 devotees. But Narayan Hari and his followers invited about 50,000 people. does this not violate the rules? Do you still think that Narayan Hari and his disciples are not responsible for the death of more than 116 people?

Watch tonight’s DNA for a detailed analysis of Hathras Satsang Stampede here:

‘Uproar’ in Hathras, UP, stampede in ‘Bhole Baba’s’ satsang, ‘satsang’ of death… ‘bad luck’ for devotees

Watch #DNA LIVE with Anant Tyagi#ZeeLive #ZeeNews #UttarPradesh #Hathras #HathrasStampede @Anant_Tyagii — Zee News (@ZeeNews) July 2, 2024