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DNA Exclusive: Analysis of AAP Govt, MCD’s tall claims as Delhi submerges in 1st first monsoon rains |

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Delhi, known for its bustling streets and vibrant culture, found itself submerged in chaos today as the first monsoon rains transformed its roads into rivers and underpasses into ponds. What was supposed to be a relief turned into a nightmare for Delhiites, with scenes reminiscent of Venice emerging across the city. As the rains poured down relentlessly, Delhi’s infrastructure struggled to cope. Roads became impassable torrents, cars were seen floating like boats, and underpasses turned into waterlogged traps. It was a sight that underscored the city’s vulnerability to heavy downpours and exposed the inadequacies of its drainage systems.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Anant Tyagi analysed why the national capital was completely submerged in rainwater despite the Delhi government and Municipal Corporation’s tall claims.

DNA: Delhi got washed away in the first rain. From roads to parliament… the system got submerged in water.

Kejriwal government has turned Delhi into ‘Venice’#DNA #Delhi #DelhiRains #HeavyRains #Monsoon2024 #AAP @Anant_Tyagii — Zee News (@ZeeNews) June 28, 2024

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), entrusted with the task of managing such crises, found itself on the receiving end of public ire. Just days ago, MCD Mayor Shelly Oberoi had promised that Delhiites would enjoy the monsoon this year—a promise that quickly dissolved into irony as the city drowned.

Amidst the deluge, BJP councillor Ravinder Singh Negi made headlines by unabashedly boating through the flooded streets of Vinod Nagar in East Delhi. His actions drew sharp criticism, with many pointing out the irony of a municipal councillor enjoying the chaos he was supposed to mitigate.

“The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which governs both the Delhi government and the MCD, shares responsibility for this debacle,” remarked a disgruntled resident. “They promised to fix Delhi, yet here we are, with our streets under water.”

Water Minister Atishi, once hailed for her water satyagraha, now faces backlash as social media erupts with memes mocking her efforts. “Atishi’s satyagraha paid off—we now have water everywhere, for free,” read one viral meme, highlighting the frustrations of Delhiites.

As Delhi grapples with the aftermath of the monsoon deluge, questions linger about the city’s preparedness for future rains and the accountability of its elected representatives.

Watch Friday’s episode of DNA for a detailed analysis of reasons behind chaos in Delhi after monsoon flooding:

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