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Delhi Govt says Haryana has refused to release additional water |

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New Delhi: Amid the worsening water crisis in Delhi, the AAP government on Tuesday claimed that Haryana has expressed its inability to provide additional water to the national capital on humanitarian grounds.

The BJP slammed the AAP dispensation, saying the Haryana government on Tuesday released data that showed it provided more than 17 per cent excess water to Delhi and claimed Water Minister Atishi was blaming the neighbouring state in a bid to hide her own flaw in addressing the issue of water shortage in the city.

A Delhi government statement said its delegation solicited the release of additional water supplies on humanitarian grounds in a meeting with the Principal Secretary (Water Resources) of Haryana in Chandigarh.

“Haryana government expressed its inability to release additional water to Delhi on humanitarian grounds,” it said.

Atishi stressed the urgency of coordination to mitigate the current water emergency exacerbated by severe heat waves.

The minister had last week requested Haryana to give additional water to Delhi on humanitarian grounds. The Upper Yamuna River Board had advised Delhi and Haryana to hold a bilateral meeting and consider whether Haryana could give extra water to Delhi, the statement said.

Expressing disappointment, Atishi said that the “well-being of our citizens is at stake, and it is imperative that we receive this crucial support without delay”.

Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva alleged that the “dirty politics” of AAP was responsible for the water crisis in the city.

“Haryana government has today released data showing that they have provided more than 17 per cent excess water to Delhi,” he said and alleged that “lying with confidence is the hallmark of Aam Aadmi Party leaders”.

Sachdeva said that water theft and leaking pipeline system, which should have been fixed over the past 10 years, remain unresolved while Atishi continues to blame Haryana and the BJP to hide her flaws.