India China Border Tension News: China’s Special Frontier Force flees from China

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In  May, the conflict between the Indian and Chinese Army started in Lakh in Ladakh, the last month seemed to slow down. But the situation has been deteriorating again for the past one week. The Chinese army has started building bases in the southern part of Pangong Lake in Ladakh. The region is extremely sensitive to India's strategic importance.

India has also increased its military capability. At the Foreign Minister level talks last week, China had agreed to a five-point treaty, in which it was agreed to fix the situation through negotiations at all costs. But it does not seem that the intention of China is right, because it has said with dogma that it will not retreat even an inch. That is, China is threatening war.

The mention of the 1962 war in the Global Times, China's official news paper, is also an indication that China is challenging India's strategic power by keeping many of the treaties made after that. The Defense Minister of the country has also made the Parliament aware of China's thinking in the Indian Parliament and has also assured that India's position is strong. We are ready for war, while there is no better option than peace.

 If war situation arises, then it is important to think about how difficulties will arise for China. Actually, China is trying to be the leader in the new world order. India is not in that race. The international image of China has been tarnished in the last six months. A few days ago, Taiwan blasted China's military submarine with a missile, China screamed, but nothing happened, because Taiwan has America on its head. On the other hand, China's trusted neighbors, such as Malaysia and Thailand, have also made a definite distance.

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