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    India's remote sensing satellite CARTOSAT-2F in Earth's orbit, Russia's Earth Observation Satellite has come very close to Kanopus-V. The space research organizations of both countries are...

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    The dispute between India and China in eastern Ladakh is not over yet. The forces of the two countries are face to face on the LAC. The...

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    Jammu and Kashmir recorded 22.12 per cent votes polled till 11 am across Jammu and Kashmir in the first phase of District Development Council (DDC)...

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    As the poll pitch gathers steam ahead of Hyderabad civic polls, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is visiting Hyderabad today to add firepower to...

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    District Development Council elections are being held in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday. These elections are being held in the state for the first time after...

    November 28, 2020

    If the Modi government had not imposed a lockdown in March, then lakhs of people would have lost their lives.

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    Regarding the situation of in the country, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi may have been continuously attacking the Modi government, but now a has revealed that if the central government had not imposed a in March, then the country would have suffered a huge loss. Falls. Explain that a committee constituted by the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of has said in its report that, if the government had not announced the lockdown at the right time (March), by August itself, more than 25 lakh people across the country Would have died in the mouth due to corona. Now even though the opposition may accuse the Modi government that the government has failed to handle the corona in the country, the truth is that the way the Modi government has taken action on the corona, India is applauding the whole world. Please tell that the committee has also said in its report that if the lockdown had not happened at the right time, the total corona cases would have been in crores.
    The committee said in its report that, even if there was no lockdown, by June, the figure of corona virus symptomatic cases in the country could have been 1.40 crore and by February 2021 the figure could have crossed 2.04 crore. But in time, the lockdown not only prevented the spread of corona infection but also saved the lives of more and more people.

    Not only this, regarding the timing of the lockdown, it has been told in the report that, even if the government had imposed the lockdown only between April 1 and May 1, the situation in the country could have worsened with respect to the corona. According to the report, in such a situation, 6-10 lakh people could have died in the country by August and by July the number of would have reached 40-50 lakhs, not only this, in this case the total corona patients by February 2021 Would have been between 1.5–17 million.
    Sensing the threat of Corona, the manner in which the Modi government announced the lockdown is being praised abroad. Explain that the report says that due to the timely lockdown, now the number of active corona cases in the country is below 8 lakh and till September the figure of deaths was close to 1 lakh. If the government had not done the lockdown in time, it would have been difficult to handle the death toll due to the burden on the health infrastructure.

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