Home isolation patients will now get medicines through the app

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Raipur :  are being given at home from the administration to the being treated for at home isolation. Now medicines will be available through the app. A Home Isolation Center has been set up to provide necessary advice regarding health safety to positive . Additional collector in charge Vineet Nandanwar said that along with Corona living in home isolation, common will also be able to get medicines easily on the CGhatdotin app. For this, the app will have to be downloaded on mobile or go to the link of CGHOTDOTIN portal and ask for the necessary medicines. With this app, drug dealers can also connect and sell medicines through the portal, which will give people access to medicines, masks, home appliances of small appliances.

Not showing symptoms after 17 days is considered healthy

Corona patients have to remain in home isolation for 17 days, after which no symptoms are considered healthy. The health of the patient is monitored by doctors from more than 100 private and more than 60 government hospitals. 60 percent people have contacted doctors of government hospitals for help. Full information is being given to the emergency room set up by the administration to complete the home isolation period and till the patient recovers.

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