Here’s the smallest AI/ML supercomputer ever

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NEC is known for its vector processor-powered supercomputers, most notably the Earth Simulator. Typically, NEC’s vector processors have been aimed at numerical simulation and similar workloads, but recently NEC unveiled a platform that makes its latest SX-Aurora Tsubasa supercomputer-class processors usable for artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads.

“The vector processor, with advanced pipelining, is a technology that proved itself long ago,” wrote Robbert Emery, who is responsible for commercializing NEC Corporation’s advanced technologies in HPC and AI/ML platform solutions.

“Vector processing paired with middleware optimized for parallel pipelining is lowering the entry barriers for new AI and ML applications, and is set to solve the challenges both today and in the future that were once only attainable by the hyperscale cloud providers.”

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NEC's SX-Aurora for AI
The SX-Aurora Tsubasa AI Platform supports both Python and TensorFlow development environments as well programming languages such as C/C++ and Fortran.

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