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Health system in Chhattisgarh: used to bring pregnant women in Kanwar, now it will not happen

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Ambikapur News: Ambikapur. Surguja district administration has become strict to avoid the constant exposure of the Kanwar (bamboo basket) health system from remote areas of Sitapur, home assembly constituency of Chhattisgarh food minister Amarjeet Bhagat. Pregnant women from remote inaccessible areas have already started to be admitted to the hospital so that after the onset of labor, there is no compulsion to take any pregnant woman to the hospital with the help of Kanwar.

Regular health check up of pregnant women is done in urban and rural areas to promote institutional delivery. The field health workers have all the records of every pregnant woman. Based on the same record, this system is now being ensured that such villages cannot reach the ambulance or other vehicles. The pregnant women have to resort to Kanwar (bamboo basket) while admitting the pregnant women to the hospital for delivery. Now such pictures do not appear again, so the administration has become strict.

The field health workers of the concerned area have been instructed to get the identified pregnant women admitted to the hospital well in advance. This arrangement has been made to avoid problems in bringing the hospital to the last minute. Provision has also been made to use private vehicles if ambulance is not provided. Arrangements have also been made to pay it. The BMO of the Health Department has been given the responsibility that they will continuously motivate the health workers to get pregnant women admitted to the hospital in advance. With this arrangement, there will be no compulsion for any pregnant woman to sit in a bamboo basket and bring it to the hospital.

Batauli hospital started

The hospitalization of pregnant women has already been started from the community health center of Batoli. Here Munni Korva of Korwa Bahulya Parsadand, a hill located on the hill of Gram Panchayat Bhatco, has been admitted to the hospital. He will be provided with all the facilities here. There is now a week’s time for delivery. Till then the woman will remain in the hospital so that she will not have to use the bag again to bring her to the hospital from the mountain.

Minister also gave instructions

In June 2020 in Batauli, the regional MLA and Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat had taken a meeting and instructed that they will no longer tolerate the picture of Jhelgi. In the meeting organized in the presence of Collector Sanjeev Jha, despite the instructions of the Food Minister, the system was not improving. After the picture of pregnant woman crossing the river from Kadanai village, now the responsibility of taking action and fixing the responsibility is expected to change the system.

Provision for private vehicle rental also

Instructions have been issued to the field health workers that they can bring the pregnant woman to the hospital even after a fortnight before seeing the open weather and favorable conditions. Hospital management will provide facilities like breakfast, food and medicine to the woman and her partner during the said period. If necessary, a pregnant woman can also be brought to the hospital by private vehicle. The vehicle fare will be paid by the Health Department. Efforts are being made to provide all the facilities so that the picture of the situation cannot be revealed even in areas not inaccessible with regard to health system.

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