Government will not give opportunity to the opposition on the issue of farmers, Rabi’s MSP will be announced a month ago

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  • Only one agricultural bill has to be passed from Rajya Sabha, three passes from Lok Sabha
  • PM Modi himself came back on the opposition's allegations, kept away from confusion
  • Minimum support price of Rabi crops will increase to make farmers happy
  • MSP may be decided a month ago, government does not want to give any chance to opposition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has taken up the task of responding to the allegations of opposition on the bills related to New Delhi agriculture sector. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) will not end, PM has said so many times. The government does not want to give any opportunity to the opposition amid protests over the three Bills. More MSPs will be announced for Rabi crops next week. The MSP will be declared about a month ahead of schedule so that the opposition's point is proved wrong.

Government will hunt two birds with one stone
The Ministry of Agriculture usually declares MSP at the beginning of the sowing season for rabi crops such as wheat, mustard and pulses. The announcement will be made in the second fortnight of October, this time in September itself. This may be an attempt to neutralize the opposition's attacks. Rabi's MSP was declared on 23 October last. With this announcement, the government will also indicate to the farmers. They can decide which crop to sow in winter by observing MSP. The purchase on the new MSP will commence from Rabi's marketing season, April 1 next year.

this year Rabi farmers get Rs 1.13 lakh
An official said, "The MSP of rabi crops will increase on the same principle that was put forward in the 2018-19 budget. At least one and a half times the average cost of production at all India level. "Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that farmers were paid Rs. 1.13 lakh crore in 2020 for rabi crops. This amount was 31% over the previous year. More. From this figure, the government's attempt was to prove that it is insisting on procurement through MSP. The ministry has clarified many questions raised by the opposition in Parliament.

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