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Genome data of coronavirus revealed, what event caused the COVID-19 pandemic in US

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A research has revealed how an event in February led to the spread of Coronavirus (US Covid-19 Outbreak) across the US and how the epidemic started its greatest effect here.


A research has revealed how an event in February led to the spread of Coronavirus (US Covid-19 Outbreak) across the US and how the epidemic started its greatest effect here. More than 54 researchers at several institutions, including the Broad Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, have studied about 800 coronavirus genomes, published on the website MedRxiv on Tuesday. This research is perhaps the deepest analysis of any virus outbreak in the US so far.

Actually, in February there was an annual leadership meeting of drug company Biogen in Boston, US. In which employees and guests came from all over the world. In this meeting that lasted for two days, no one suspected that coronavirus is present in the lungs of one of them. By the end of the meeting by February 27, the virus had reached many people. The virus spread here and after the meeting was over, some people went back to where they came from. Some went to Indiana, some to North Carolina and some to the suburbs of Boston. People from Slovakia, Australia and Singapore also went back. In the next two weeks, the virus originated from here in 35 new cases. In April, the virus spread to two sheltered shelters in Boston’s suburbs, where 122 people were found infected. 

Actually, scientists have discovered this chain of infection due to a mistake in the replication process of the coronavirus. In this process, two characters in the genome code of 30,000 characters of the virus mutate. This mutation of the virus was found in two elderly patients in France at the same time as Biogen’s conference in February. Wherever the infection spread after the conference, this mutation also spread with it. In this study, it has been found that this mutation virus has killed hundreds of people in many areas of Boston, while patients with such viruses have been found as far as Senegal and Luxembourg. By mid-July, one-third of Massachusetts’ virus sequences and three percent of virus genomes from across the United States have been found in the genome.

On the day the Biogen meeting was about to begin, a total of 15 cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the US. All these cases were met by people who came from outside and traveled. At that time the Center for Disease Control and Prevention accepted the talk of a possible ‘community spread’. Vice President Mike Pence was about to lead the Coronavirus Task Force and President Donald Trump said that the virus posed ‘very little’ danger to Americans. Today, America has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world.

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