Fixed Deposit: Good news to fixed deposit holders, getting more than 8.40 percent interest here

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: Interest rates have been steadily declining this year. The corona virus epidemic has further aggravated the situation. Savings Bank accounts, savings schemes and low interest on fixed deposits are an environment of disappointment. In such a situation, there is good interest on FD in Shriram City Union Finance, a non-banking finance company. On the Shriram City FD scheme of this non-banking financial company, customers are getting than 8 percent interest for a period of than 5 years.

8.40 percent interest:

Investors are getting good response for investing in this company. People below 60 years of age are getting an interest of 8.4 percent per annum on non-cumulative options. Senior citizens are getting 0.4% higher rate i.e. 8.8% interest

is. Investors below 60 years of age are getting interest on the cumulative option of FD at 8.09 percent. In this category, senior citizens are getting 8.49 percent interest.

If investors below the age of 60 years opt for the cumulative option of 5 years, they will get interest at the rate of 9.94 percent. Similarly, if senior citizens opted for the 5-year cumulative option, the interest rate for them would be 10.53 percent.

The scheme has been rated MAA + by the ICRA and the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which play an important role in meeting your financial goals. The non-banking financial company Shriram City Union Finance was established in 1986 by Shriram Group. It offers many types of loans.

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