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When the crop went bad, the farmers went to the trees and demonstrated, the Agriculture Minister reached to inspect the fields.

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Sehore. Farmers of village Khamalia protested against crop failure by climbing trees. The farmers are demanding that the administration of the damaged soybean crop be conducted and the farmers should be compensated. A large number of farmers were present with Sarpanch Manohar Mewada during this period.

Meanwhile, today Kamal Patel of Madhya Pradesh’s agriculture arrived on the Bhopal-Indore highway to inspect the crops in the fields. The agriculture minister inspected the crops that had been damaged for the last year and discussed with the farmers and gave directions to the officers present about the survey.

Talking to the media, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel alleged that the former Congress government had ruined the state and farmers. There is a crisis on the farmers. Crops have been spoiled due to excessive rainfall. I instructed all the officials to go to each village and conduct a survey. It is the government of the farmers that the Chief Minister is a farmer himself.

Overturned by former minister Sajjan Verma’s statement

On the question of Jyotiraditya Scindia going to RSS Headquarters, the Agriculture Minister said that Khesiani cat Khamba Noche. For 15 months Congress was looting farmers and now crocodiles are shedding tears. We greet Scindia. He did what he said. 6 ministers and 25 MLAs have left the post because today no one leaves the post of sarpanch. They left because the Congress has betrayed them. The BJP does what it says.

Blowing up of physical distancing

During this time no one followed the physical distancing . It was fiercely mocked. During this time, some people also appeared without a mask.

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