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Unlock 4.0: These four big things are starting in the country from tomorrow, it is important for you to know

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People of the country are going to get some relief in this corona period on Monday, 21 September. Yes… From tomorrow school reopen to the country’s largest transporter, Indian Railways is going to start 20 pairs of trains. Not only this, the government has also implemented some system for importers since yesterday, which is going to be effective.

Railways will run 40 trains: Indian Railways has issued an alert regarding ticket booking for 40 trains running from 21 September. In fact, ticket reservation for these trains has started from September 19, that is, Saturday. The special thing here is that most of these trains are connecting Bihar. This arrangement will be different from the existing special train and Shramik special train.

Special care of Bihar: If railway officials believe, the clone trains are apart from the 310 pairs of trains currently running. Of these 40 trains, the maximum 22 trains will either go to Bihar or take passengers from there or say that it will open from there. Not only this, many trains will also run through Bihar.

Schools to open from September 21: According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the past, according to the guidelines, students from ninth grade to 12th in schools located outside the Containment Zone from September 21 to seek guidance from their teachers. Can be allowed to go to school on voluntary basis. In this case, students will need a letter from parents. The Ministry of Home Affairs also made it clear that it would be necessary for the schools to follow the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry during the exemption.

Schools to be closed in Delhi: Talking about Delhi, all schools here will be closed till October 5. Delhi government announced this on Friday. The government has taken this decision in view of the increasing cases of coronavirus in Delhi, although online classes will continue during this time.

Opening Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal and Agra Fort located in Agra, closed from March 17, will be opened to tourists from September 21. Although the number of spectators for the Taj Mahal will be 5 thousand and for Agra Fort the number will be 2500, you can only book tickets online. Let us tell you that from September 1, small monuments including Sikandra, Fatehpur Sikri and Etmaduddaula were opened. For entry into the Taj Mahal, it is mandatory to follow corona rules (mask, social distance).

Special news for importers: The Finance Ministry has said that importers will have to ensure this before importing any goods from Monday to take advantage of the customs duty duty under Free Trade Agreements (FTA). Whether the place where the import of imported goods is being done is meeting the prescribed criteria or not….

Also know: According to the guidelines, from September 21, many works have been allowed with certain conditions, including sports, religious, cultural events.

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