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Trump gave big relief amid Corona crisis Keeping the decision of the Parliament aside, the decision taken in favor of the unemployed

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The deadlock between the White House and the Democrats over moving the package increased after the US Congress ended the payment of Unemployment Allowance. After this, President Donald Trump signed the decision to continue unemployment allowance without the consent of Parliament.

Washington. Coronavirus has caused the most impact on the US (Coronavirus In US). Every day, new cases of infections are continuing in America. The country’s economic condition has also worsened due to the global pandemic. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced great relief for the people while exercising their rights. He bypassed the decision of the US Parliament and made many such decisions, including increasing the unemployment allowance, which will provide a lot of relief to the common people in difficult times.

US Parliament did not approve new relief package
Even after the US Parliament did not get the approval of a new Relief Package for the Corona Virus epidemic, Trump on Saturday ordered an increase in unemployment allowances. Trump signed four executive orders at his private farm house in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump has tried to take the lead in the presidential elections in November 2020 by continuing unemployment benefits for millions of Americans during the Pandemic. Earlier, the Congress had allowed these payments to end.

The deadlock between the White House and the Democrats over moving the package increased after the US Congress stopped paying unemployment benefits. Trump had kept himself away from administrative negotiations with US Congress leaders. He entrusted the negotiation on his behalf to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin. Trump has decided to defer payroll tax and federal education loans in addition to giving weekly assistance of US $ 400 as part of his decisions.

The remaining portion of the previous relief fund will be paid by
President Donald Trump, who said about the unemployment benefit that it is US $ 400 a week. We are currently deciding to pursue it without the consent of the Democrats. He said that states will have to bear 25 percent of its cost themselves. It is not yet clear where the federal contract will come from. However, Donald Trump has indicated that he will spend the remainder of the previous Relief Fund issued for the corona virus as an unemployment allowance.

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