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Thousands of students-teacher coronavirus infected in 4 days as soon as school-college opens

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Washington The government in India is adamant on conducting the NEET exams on time. This decision is being opposed all over the country. Opposition to open schools and colleges was also being done in America. The Trump government did not listen to the people. Thousands of infections were reported in colleges in 24 states of the country. This has caused a stir in America.

It is being told that 3300 students and teaching staff are also among those who get infected. About 4 thousand students and 600 teachers have been quarantined in the state of Mississippi alone .

In Mississippi, between August 17 and 21, 144 teachers and 292 students studying in schools have been infected. The state health officer, Dr. Thomas E. Dobbs, reported that 31 schools had reported cases of infection.

As a precaution, the children studying in these schools and the staff working here have been quarantined. Similarly , 566 cases of Kovid-19 have been reported a week after classes started at the University of Alabama .
It is noteworthy that in March, the decision was made to open educational institutions due to the insistence of opening school-college by the President of Donald Trump after the spring holidays in March and more than 20,000 students started coming to university last week.
Masks compulsory in schools in England: The UK government has made masks mandatory for staff and pupils aged 12 or older in England’s secondary schools to prevent the spread of corona virus infection.The Department of Education said that in the coming weeks, schools are also being informed to comply with the World Health Organization (WHO) rule on masks in the wake of England schools preparing to reopen for the new academic year. .
Britain’s Education Minister Gavin Williamson said that our priority is to bring children back to safe school. We have looked at the latest medical and scientific advice at every level.Schools closed in Seoul till September 11: Due to increasing cases of Kovid-19, schools in Seoul, South Korea have been closed until September 11. In two weeks, 200 children and staff have been infected. Unlock all over the world coronavirus remains once the risk of rapid spread.

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