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These are the main causes of corona virus becoming seasonal disease

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New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. The corona virus epidemic has caused instability all over the world. This virus has made a huge impact on people’s lives. Science is still trying to solve this puzzle through the vaccine. Researches are being done worldwide for this. Special attention is being given in these researches to avoid the corona virus, to prevent the spread of infection, and to make vaccines.

Researchers have also been successful in many researches. Because of these successes, many vaccines are in the final stages of testing today. The discovery of these vaccines has raised hopes that by the end of the year the corona vaccine will be available to the general public. A research in this sequence has shown that if the corona virus vaccine is delayed, the SARS-CoV-2 virus can become a seasonal disease. However, it is necessary to develop herd immunity.

According to research published in Frontiers in Public Health, the corona virus is most likely to become a seasonal disease. However, this is not possible as long as we are away from herd immunity. Once the herd immunity develops in people, the corona virus will become a seasonal disease.

Researchers say that the effect of corona virus is not going to stop. The number of people infected with this virus will continue to increase. The corona virus can attack in several stages. Especially when the weather changes its effect may be more, as the symptoms of corona virus are parallel to influenza. Whereas in tropical climates, corona can be more prone to havoc. In these areas, people are more prone to influenza when the weather changes.

In this case, the vaccine is not ready, or herd immunity develops. Till then people should take necessary precautions. While people also need to get into the habit of avoiding the infection of corona virus and prevent the infection from spreading. For this, wearing a mask should be exited only. Avoid visiting crowded areas. One must wash his hands after touching any unwanted items.

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