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The deadlock continues on LAC, the condition of Chinese soldiers battered in the cold of Ladakh, Sina Tan is standing Indian soldiers

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The Indian Army has strengthened its deployment in the Pangong area amid a confrontation with China, but the ongoing deadlock from both sides is unlikely to break. The forces of India and China are standing face to face at at least three places in areas ranging from Pangong to Rejang La. The foreign ministers of the two countries met in Moscow on 10 September, in which it was agreed to reduce tensions on five points, but despite this, a decision on the level of lieutenant general has not been decided in the last nine days.

According to army sources, it is not being decided by China, while the army is fully ready for talks. Indeed, the Chinese military behind this is realizing that now that the Indian Army has acquired a strategic position on the peaks of Pangong, it can try to dominate the Chinese army in negotiations. While the Chinese side still maintains the position that the Indian Army also vacate the entire Finger area.

According to sources, the armies of the two countries are face to face at three locations in the northern Pangong, Rejang La and Finger-5 region. The second between them is not more than 200–300 meters. Although there is no news of a confrontation in the last ten days, the situation remains tense. Therefore, the first attempt is to realize that both the forces will end this situation and retreat. The issue was also discussed in Brigadier-level talks last week, but China is not ready to execute it.

Meanwhile, cold in the Ladakh region has started knocking. There have been reports in the media that this has started to deteriorate the condition of the Chinese Army, although no official confirmation has been made from the Indian side. However, it is definitely being said that the army has stepped up its preparations in the wake of winter knock. Indian soldiers on LAC are vigilant. It is believed that this confrontation is not going to end soon.

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