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Tension from America, Sukhoi fighter jet of China rains bomb in South China Sea

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China’s fighter jet has once again bombed the South China Sea amid the ongoing tension with the US. It is being told that this practice of Russian-built Sukhoi-30 and bomber aircraft H-6 of China lasted for about 10 hours. During this exercise, China’s air force tested its combat capability in the South China Sea. How big this exercise was, can be gauged from the fact that 3 out of five command of China participated in it.

China practiced bombing at night

China’s official radio China National Radio said in its report that the Southern Theater Command sent two bombers from an undisclosed location to practice warfare day and night. Last month also, China’s Defense Ministry said that it had practiced long-range nighttime bombing in the South China Sea. During this time many dummy targets were destroyed by dropping bombs. Chinese fighter jets also practiced near the Ruby Reef, according to reports from the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily. This artificial island has been converted by China as its military base.

‘China’s Sukhoi-30 aircraft made record’


Meanwhile, Global Times has claimed that its Sukhoi-30 fighter jet has made a new record by staying in the air for about 10 hours. During this time the air inside the aircraft was refueled. The newspaper claimed that it was a record of a Chinese fighter jet flying at once. He said that this exercise has a great strategic value, because the Chinese military can now patrol the entire South China Sea. A pilot involved in the exercise claimed that the exercise was not to create a record but to test the preparations for war.

China built artificial islands ‘military fort’


Explain that the Subi Reef is part of the Spartale Islands and is controlled by China. However, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan have been claiming their claim on the Subi Reef. China has now built several artificial islands in the South China Sea and has deployed large-scale warships, fighter jets and weapons there. Video footage released by People’s Daily shows Chinese fighter jets chasing an unknown fighter jet and saying that get out of the area otherwise you will be killed.

Practicing attack on American planes, warships


China is believed to have practiced targeting American warships deployed in the South China Sea via Sukhoi and H-6 bombers. Earlier, an American spy plane flying around Taiwan was threatened by China and driven away. After this, angry US has increased its patrolling of strategic bomber aircraft in this area. The US sent a B-1 strategic bomber stationed at the Guam Naval Base in the Pacific Ocean to patrol the area. The aircraft, along with the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, patrolled the Philippine Sea and South China Sea near China. A full convoy of American warships was flying with this aircraft. China is believed to have demonstrated power in response to the US.

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