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Tension continues on Ladakh border, firing in 29-30 skirmish, Indian army ready

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The tension between India and China on the Ladakh border has not completely subsided. China is stirring at the border and India is watching it. When the Indian Army increased its presence in the South Bank area in Pangong Bank, China intensified the stir on the North Bank. But he could not succeed in doing any kind of trick. 

According to the army officers, between 7-8 September, the Indian Army has now increased its presence from South Bank to North Bank. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China attempted to infiltrate Indian positions in many areas. During this, efforts were made to stop him, during this time some warning shots were also fired. 

According to sources, the skirmishes and attempts to infiltrate between August 29 and 31, still firing at the southern end of Pangong Lake. The Indian Army then prevented China from intruding. Even then there were only warning shots. During this time, light machine guns and assault rifles were used. Even after this, there were some incidents of warning shot on the border.

Let me tell you that since May, the state of tension remains. But the firing incident in the last week of August spoiled the atmosphere. On Tuesday, Rajnath Singh gave a statement on this whole issue in the Lok Sabha, in which he said that China has increased the number of soldiers on the border in violation of agreements. 

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in a statement that India wants to resolve this issue through peace and dialogue. But India’s forces are ready for any situation. It was said on behalf of Rajnath that China has repeatedly violated the agreements. 

Please tell that Indian forces have prepared long halls and now the border is getting ready for winter. Constant tents, clothes and ration are being sent to the border, so that all the arrangements are made before the snowfall. 

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