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Story of three temples of Ayodhya:If the light has not been lit in the sanctum sanctorum till date, then some temple has the fear of Aurangzeb even after 450 years

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  • In Ayodhya, there are two temples of south cult Vijay Raghav Ram and Amma ji, both of them do not light in the sanctum sanctorum.
  • There is a temple of Lakshmana near Saryu Ghat in Ayodhya, this is the only Lakshmana temple in the whole of Ayodhya, here he is worshiped in Seshavatara.

Ayodhya wakes up from 4 am here when loud speakers in the market and Ramdhun starts playing in temples. On the streets, people can see flowers in the plate with big incense sticks going towards temples. According to an estimate there are more than 5000 temples in Ayodhya. In small streets, you can see Ram-Sita being worshiped in every house.

We have brought to you the story of three such temples of Ayodhya, which stand apart from the line of other temples due to their different tradition, history. Here is a report on the unique temples of Ayodhya …

First temple: There has been no electricity in the sanctum sanctorum for 100 years, Rama always rides the chariot

People from all over the world come to Ayodhya to worship Rama. Similarly in Ayodhya, there are two temples of South Panth Vijay Raghav Ram and Amma ji. They both worship Rama from the South India tradition. The special thing of these two temples is that the light is not lit in the womb here.

Venkatacharya Swamy, the Mahant of Amma ji’s temple, says that Garbha Griha means uterus. When the baby is in the womb, no artificial light is provided to it. In today’s context, now an X-ray or city scan of a pregnant woman is avoided.

Similarly, Lord Ram does not have any problem in the sanctum, so light is not installed. It is possible that due to that light, God has to face an accident, so all the temples in the south are also lighted in the sanctum.

Mahant of the Vijay Raghav Raj Temple at Vibhishan Kund Mohalla, Shri Dharacharya Ji Maharaj, states that the temple of Vijay Raghav Raj Maharaj was established in 1904. More than 100 years have passed since then, the light is not in the sanctum sanctorum here.

He told that earlier there was no arrangement of light in the entire temple. But, gradually light became a part of daily life, so light is now everywhere except the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. However, we still use well water instead of drinking electric pump water. Even in Rama ji’s prakriti festival, he adorns with Ashoka’s leaves and flowers, and does not light a welt.

Mahanta told that since last 15 years, Akhand Ramnam Sankirtan has been going on in the temple. Mahanta Sri Venkatacharya Swamy of Amma ji’s temple says that our Rama always rides the chariot with Sita, Lakshmana. This is the reason why the Garun flag remains in front of the temple. It is believed that Hanuman ji is handling it.

Second Temple: Even after 420 years, this temple is in awe of Aurangzeb, the doors of the temple are opened for devotees only twice a month.

Ayodhya’s Urdu Bazaar … was once famous as Treta Nath Mohalla. Treta Nath Temple is located here .. The specialty of this temple is that its doors open only 2 times a month to the devotees. It opens in the evening on 2 Ekadashi falling in the month.

Sunil Mishra, who has been looking after the work of the temple priest for seven generations, told that my ancestors told that this temple is more than 500 years old. It was torn down during the reign of Aurangzeb. In addition, three mosques were also built in the locality. Around this time was between 1649 and 1707. At that time the name of our locality was also Treta Nath Mohalla, but it was changed to Urdu Bazaar.

This picture is from outside the Treta Nath temple. It is about 500 years old temple. But it was torn down by Aurangzeb and built a mosque.

He told that when the temple was rebuilt again about 150 years ago, all the measures were suggested to keep God safe. Then it was suggested that if there is no crowd in the temple, then there will be no damage to the temple, but for the devotees it was opened on two Ekadashi of the month. Archana is worshiped regularly in the temple from time to time by us and our family. But it only opens for devotees for two days.

The Treta Nath Temple opens to the common people only twice a month and that too on Ekadashi.

He told that now the atmosphere has changed, but we carry on the tradition. Our family’s expenses are also met by this worship. The temple is also in a dilapidated state. But, due to lack of money, they are not able to get it right.

Third temple: Laxman is the prince of Ayodhya, but the only temple

Laxman Ghat is on the Saryu coast in Ayodhya. There is only one temple of Laxman adjacent to it. Which is also known as Laxman Fort. This is the main temple of Lakshmana throughout Ayodhya. Here Lakshman is worshiped in Sheshavatara.

Here Lakshmana is worshiped as Sheshavatara.

The Mahant of the temple, Maithili Raman Sharan, tells that there is a passage in the Ramayana, in which Shri Ram comes to meet God as a Kaal person and asks him to die. Kaal had placed a condition in front of Lord Rama that if anyone would listen to our words, he would have to lose his life. Then Lord Shriram engaged Laxman to guard him.

Talks had just begun that Rishi Durvasa went to meet Sri Ram. Laxman tried to stop him, but he was adamant on cursing. After this Lakshman reached the talks between informing God. After which he himself became the partner of punishment. After that Lakshman had sacrificed human body at Saryu Ghat and made him see Sheshavatar. This ghat is also called Sahastra Dhara Ghat.

The only temple of Laxman Ji located in Ayodhya. It is also known as Laxman Fort.

Mahanta told that the Diwan of Rewa Naresh built this temple 150 years ago. He told that Queen Victoria had donated this 52 bigha land to the King of Rewa. Not only this, Rewa Naresh has given 52 acres of land in Madhya Pradesh for the catering of the temple i.e. Galla water.

He told that many saints Mahatma live here with me. Students live The system of lodging and eating of all is from the temple. He told that it is believed that if anyone swears falsely in this temple, then it is bound to be evil. Because Laxman ji gave up his body for the promise given to Shri Ram.

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