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Start this business in 5 thousand rupees to earn good money, Modi government will also help

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Business Opportunity: In the midst of Corona crisis, good business can be earned from making the ax. This business can be started with less investment. The special thing is that the Modi government also helps to start this scheme.

New Delhi. In the Corona period, people have a shortage of money from employment. In such a situation, if you are also planning to earn through new business, then this is a good opportunity for you. Actually, a large population in India is fond of tea. There is a constant demand for Kulhad tea at railway stations, bus depots and airports. In such a situation, you can start the business of making and selling ax.

Government wants to promote the use of ax
If the central government executes a plan of its own, then in the coming time the demand for the ax will increase even more rapidly. Recently, Minister of Roads and Transport, Nitin Gadkari has demanded a ban on selling tea in plastic or paper cups to promote Kulhad. In such a situation, you can take advantage of the increase in demand for ax

Electric chalk provides the government,
let us tell you that the Modi government has implemented the potter empowerment scheme to promote the ax business. Under this scheme, the central government gives electricity-driven chalk to the potters all over the country, so that they can make earthen utensils with the ax. Later the government buys these axes from the potters at a good price.

you can start by applying 5 thousand
, this business can be started at a very low price in view of the current era. For this, you will need Rs 5,000 along with a little space. Khadi Village Industries Commission chairman Vinay Kumar Saxena has informed that this year the government has distributed 25 thousand electric chalk.

How and how much will be earned from the ax?
Along with being very economical, the tea ax is also environmentally safe. Talking about the current rate, the price of tea ax is around 50 rupees. Similarly, the price of Lassi kulhar is going to be 150 rupees hundred, the price of milk kulhad is 150 rupees hundred and the cup is going 100 rupees hundred. There is also a possibility of a better rate than this if demand increases.

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