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‘Small packet big bang’; This Delhi girl wrote an adventure book at the age of just nine

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Anshu Singh: Ajna Dwivedi of Delhi is nine years old. But don’t judge their age. Because at such a young age, he has written his first book – ‘The Adventures of Anvi’. Ajna has not only written the book, but she has also created the illustrations given in it. Ajna has also proved that children appeared the most creative in lockdown. 

By the way, he has started writing through blogs since last year. But then he did not think that he would write an entire book of 120 pages so soon. Ajna says, ‘I used to go to different programs with my mother. Listened to inspiring stories. One day I thought if I could not write anything myself?

Ruskin Bond and Sudha Murthy Favorite Writer

A year ago Ajna asked Maa Vartika Dwivedi to give her a mini blogging page where she could write her thoughts and share it with the world. Ruskin Bond and Sudha Murthy are his favorite authors. She considers herself a bookbird. She says, ‘I was getting bored during lockdown, then used to write 5 to 6 pages daily. The book was almost completed, but in the meantime the online classes of the school started. For this reason, many a times, she would stay awake till late in the night to complete the book, for which there was a scolding from the father. I felt bad, but he used to do it for my good. I thought that once the book was done, my father would be proud of me. And it happened. He was very happy. 

Ajna likes animals very much

Apart from writing, Ajna, who is fond of drawing, painting and dancing, told that she loves animals, that is why in her book the story of an alien girl’s struggle, her weak to self-confidence, as well as her love and friendship relationship with animals Has been stated. Ajna wants children to read it.

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