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President Trump claims India’s most corona trials after India

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Washington, Agency. US President Donald Trump said that the US is number one in the Corona trial. He said that such a large number of corona viruses have not been tested in any other country. In this case, there is no world in front of America. President Trump said that a large number of corona virus trials have been conducted in India after the US. 

So far, 65 million screened in US and 1.1 crore in India

President Trump said that 65 million people have been screened in the US so far and 1.1 crore people in India have been screened for the corona virus. Trump said that India ranks second in the world in terms of investigation. He said that the US has high quality testing centers. He said that I am confident that we will have the vaccine by the end of this year. It will soon be accessible to the people. 

14 percent drop compared to earlier 

He said that the spread of corona in the US has slowed. Trump said that compared to earlier it has fallen by 14 percent. He said the past seven days have seen a nationwide decline in patients with Corona. Corona patients have seen a 14 percent drop in the last seven days. He said that the pressure of corona patients in hospitals has come down. Hospitals have decreased by seven percent. He said that the death rate has also come down by nine percent. 

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