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Politics on Ram temple not going to end yet, know what equations BJP is planning ahead?

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Be it the Narendra Modi government at the center or the government of the Chief Minister of the state, Yogi Adityanath…. Ram city will remain on the political agenda of both Ayodhya for a long time. There is a preparation to make big and small religious programs grand on various dates. Through this, where the BJP will try to fulfill its political objectives, the opposition parties will take political arrows at the BJP and the Sangh by taking this and not be surprised if they try to show direct and indirect political interest.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said in his address after Bhoomi Pujan that Avadhpuri is the most beautiful and developed in the world. At the same time, he also tried to console the senior leaders of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, who could not join the worship, directly and indirectly, saying that more programs will continue in Ayodhya. You will get a chance to come in them. Political matters are being extracted from it. 

Prasad Distribution: In
fact, the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allied organizations have begun to cash in on this issue in a big way. The process of sending Bhoomi Poojan offerings to the villages and villages has been started. There is a plan to send prasad to the homes of Dalits and Backwards. Through this, the BJP is trying to keep other backward and Dalit castes connected and give a message that the BJP has full care for them. It is also linked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement ‘Ram sabke hai sabse mein ram’.

Religious Events: There 
will be many big events in Ayodhya in the coming years i.e. by December 2020. First there is to be 14 Kosi on 23 November and Panchkosi Parikrama on 25 November. Earlier, Deepawali is on November 14 and a large-scale Deepotsav will be organized on the eve of Deepawali. There is a Ram Vivah program in December. BJP and VHP are preparing to organize big events on these festivals. In this, big leaders of the Ram Mandir movement can also be called. Senior party spokesperson Harishchandra Shrivastava says- ‘No doubt, our faith in Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram is paramount. These events are part of tradition in Ramnagari and now common people will actively participate in it. 

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