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PM Kisan: The sixth installment of the plan has not come to the account, then call this number, you will get help

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New Delhi.: Within three weeks of its launch, on the ‘Aseem’ online portal, the need for industries employing the country and trained workers looking for employment has started to become clear. On the one hand, among the job seekers, trained workers in computer, tailoring and electricity are the most in search of employment. At the same time, the industry is most in demand for trained youth in service sectors like logistics, tourism and hospitality and telecom. These figures are when the service sector is not fully open yet. In such a situation, it can also be guessed that it would probably be appropriate to focus on skill development in the service sector itself. 

According to the data coming from Aseem (Self-reliant Skilled Applied Employer Manning), more than 48 thousand workers were also successful in getting employment according to the demand and requirement on the online portal. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of 3,36,212 workers registered for employment. Then there are 1,74,545 workers in Haryana, 1,62,342 in Tamil Nadu, 1,52,921 in Maharashtra and 1,14,895 in West Bengal. Karnataka is at the top of the states whose industries have offered employment there. 

A total of 56,952 jobs are available in industries in Karnataka. There are 27,819 jobs available in Maharashtra, 18,675 in Telangana, 17,799 in Haryana and 17,072 in Tamil Nadu. According to the registration data on the portal, 1,17,503 workers trained in most computer and related fields are looking for employment. After this 1,10,715 workers who are doing their own tailoring work are seeking employment. After this, 78,537 assistant electricians, 66,938 sewing machine operators and 58,168 retail sales executives are looking for jobs. 

If the self-employed teller and sewing machine operator are combined, then 1,77,653 workers seeking the maximum employment related to tailoring belong to the tailoring sector. At the same time, they need the highest number of 43,897 courier delivery executives if they see the need of industries. After this the requirement of 26,970 housekeeping attendants, 15,540 customer care executives and 12,000 warehouse associates is stated. If we look at these figures in terms of employment related sectors, there is a demand of 83,736 in Logistics, 42,310 in Tourism and Hospitality, 28,088 in Telecom and 8,273 in Healthcare. 

Significantly, Union Skill Development Minister Mahendranath Pandey launched the Aseem portal in July to serve as a bridge between industries and trained workers. As of 31 July, more than 24 lakh 50 thousand workers had registered themselves on this portal. At the same time, 338 companies had stated the need of more than two lakh 25 thousand workers.

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