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Pitru Paksha 2020: Pitru paksha is an opportunity to express reverence to fathers, know what is the importance

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Raghottam Shukla. Shraddha means Shraddha, which is the basis of religion. Mata Parvati and Shiva have been called ‘Shraddha Vishwas Rupinau’. Pitru Paksha provides us an opportunity to express our reverence to our fathers. Hinduism holds that the human body is of three levels. The body visible from above is the gross body. Inside it is the subtle body, which consists of five senses, five gyan senses, pancha prana (prana, apana, vyana, udan same), indescribable forms of panchamahabhuta (earth, water, fire, sky, air), inner consciousness (mind, intelligence) , Mind, ego), avidya, kama and karma. Inside it is the body, which has the three qualities of Sat, Raj, and Tama. This is where the soul exists. Upon death, the soul renounces the gross body by taking the subtle and the causal body.

According to mythological texts, all the subtle bodily incarnations such as Dev, Pitru, Phantom etc. are in the vagina and not in the Karmayoni. They have immense ability to bestow blessings, boons, but for their own fulfillment they depend on the offering of gross body stripes. In the Mahabharata, fathers have been called the ‘deity’ deity, because the deity belongs to everyone, the ancestors of their descendants. To satisfy the ancestors, shraddha i.e. pinddan and tarpan is considered necessary. Goswami Tulsidas says:

According to chapter 190 of ‘Varaha Purana’, people of the four varnas are entitled to Shraddha. It is believed that by going to the reservoir and offer a drop of water to the ancestors with reverence, then they are pleased and bless. The Varaha Purana says that if the person is resourceless and somewhere in the forest area, raise both hands and surrender reverence to the ancestors by telling them their position, even then they are happy and bless. According to Vashistha Sutra and Narada Purana, Shraddha is very important in Gaya. According to Skanda Purana, the Pindadan done on the ‘Garuda Shila’ of Badarikashram is considered to be equal to Gaya. Shraddha has the highest importance in Shraddha. If it is not done with full devotion then doing it is meaningless.

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