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No roads, only potholes:Despite the government’s approval in the budget, no work, now the road will not be built throughout the year

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The road from ACC Chowk to Bogda Bridge to Jamul and Ahiwara is bad. There are only pits in the name of the road here. Despite getting funds in the budget for the road, it did not work. Now this work is being prepared to handover ADB instead of PWD. Which will take time.

Know the road conditions …

  • The length of the road from ACC Chowk to Jamul-Ahiwara is 21.8 km.
  • Road maintenance was the last time 19 years ago
  • 210 crores Was proposed.

That’s why the
road is stuck, this road belongs to BSP. It has not been handover to PWD. So far this proposal has not gone in the SAIL board meeting. If a responsible PWD officer believes it is time to handover.

“A proposal has been made for this route from ACC Bogda Bridge to Jamul-Ahiwara. This road is of BSP. Initiatives have been taken at the governance level. Maintenance required by PWD for people passing through it should not be a problem.” Is made. “
Shabnam Nisha, Sub Engineer, PWD

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