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National leadership must protect territorial integrity, sovereignty of nation: Rukhiyar

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The Border Security Force training center and school and subsidiary center Meru, Hazaribag conducted a seminar during the National police commemoration fortnightly programme in the seminar hall of the center. The keynote speaker of the seminar was Dr Bansidhar Rukhiyar, Registrar of Vinoba Bhave University. The seminar was inaugurated by the center commandant, IG, Ravi Gandhi. The topic of the seminar was ‘National Security and Indo Chinese Relationship’.

The keynote speaker Bansidhar Rukhiyar said in his speech that National security is of utmost concern for any nation. On the issue of the Indo-China situation he said it is easier said than done, given the situation when you are confronted with a hostile and powerful neighbour like China, which has been behaving like a rampaging bull all around the world.

He further said that all the other Chinese neighbours have meekly surrendered to the Chinese bullying as they are incapable of standing up to China. He said that India has stood up to all challenges from its neighbour since 1967 and its battle-hardened soldiers have given befitting replies to the opponents.

Rukhiyar said that this time our brave soldiers have taught a lifetime lesson to the Chinese soldiers and exploded the myth of their invincibility.

IG Ravi Gandhi said that keynote speaker Rukhiyar has cleared the concept and he has narrated the present situation in his speech in an excellent way. “We are thankful to Rukhiyar to spare the time for the seminar,” he said.

In the seminar all the officers and subordinates staff were present.

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