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Meetings of CM Shivraj Singh in Raisen and former CM Kamal Nath in Mungavali

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reaches the stage along with former Chief Minister Uma Bharti. Responding to the slogans sounding in the crowd, he says- I am Shivraj, not a storm. Before the commencement of his speech, he makes people cheers to all the Gods, Mother India and Janata Janardhana.

In a 24-minute speech, he speaks 19 times saying that we are bastards and 13 times we mention the word Seth in front of the name, referring to Kamal Nath. As soon as the speech ends, they leave the stage to greet the ramp between the grounds. People are sitting on both sides.

Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti said that in 2024, she will do fierce politics, because the wishes of her and the countrymen have been fulfilled. Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya and section 370 has been removed from Kashmir. Now the time is coming when the poor will sit on the chair and the Collector and SP will be seen standing in front.

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