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Long line daily to conduct corona investigation in Ambedkar

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Raipur, 5 September. Ambedkar Hospital is running long lines for corona examination every day. Those from all classes are included in the investigation. People say that the speed with which patients are coming forward in the capital Raipur, it is necessary to get everyone investigated. Timely investigation can avoid the grip of epidemic.

The corona investigation at Ambedkar Hospital is going on from the beginning. It is being registered first near the Trauma Unit Gate here. After this, the person concerned is being sent to the center for investigation. Considering the speed with which corona patients are increasing in Raipur, people of every section are concerned and all have started to conduct corona investigations except work. However, they have to put long lines to get the investigation done here.

It is noteworthy that apart from Ambedkar Hospital, AIIMS, District Hospital, Kalibari, Khokopara Hospital, Gudhiyari Hospital are being conducted in Raipur in many places and people are conducting long lines in all these places. The ambulance of the corporation is also under investigation after reaching the wards. 

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