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India’s tough stance increases pressure on China to retreat, Rajnath Singh’s clear message – will not accept illegitimate condition

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India’s strict and aggressive approach to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is putting pressure on China to back down. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also given a clear signal to the Chinese Defense Minister that India will not accept China’s illegitimate condition and will have to restore the status quo before May. 

Defense sector experts believe that in the current situation, China has no option but to back down. At present, the atmosphere in China is against the whole world. If the situation worsens on the LAC, then its responsibility will also fall on China itself. India is ready to give a befitting reply to China, the world community is also ready for its siege.

Experts believe that it has become clear to China that the global environment is not in its favor at this time. Not only India, other neighbors like Taiwan are also now dominating it. Secondly, what he tried to take under India’s pressure has failed. Because from the Indian Army to the Ministry of External Affairs and political leadership, an aggressive approach has been taken.

In the area where Pengong Lake is facing the most confrontational conditions, the Indian forces have fought at important places. Army sources broadly believe that if the Chinese forces do not retreat in time, the army can also take action to evacuate the occupied areas. Indian forces are fully prepared for its response. This message has also been given to China.

Meanwhile, according to army sources, there is no change in the situation in Pengong area. But military commander-level talks are likely to resume next week. It is believed that there is a possibility of keeping the options of negotiation open till the onset of extreme winters in the area. Until then, China also has the option of automatic retreat.

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