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How correct is the decision of employees to retire prematurely?

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Opposition to the Narendra Modi Government’s decision to grant pre-michor retirement to government employees has begun. While employees ‘organizations are preparing to hit the road, enlightened people and employees’ union leaders believe that this move of the government is completely unfair. The government is also being demanded to withdraw this decision immediately.

Indeed, the central government has made it clear that central employees can be retired prematurely in the public interest. That is, the government is empowered to give retirement to employees who are 50-55 years of age or who have completed 30 years in the job. Not only this, according to Rule 56 of FR 56 (J) and CCS (Pension) Rules 1972, employees who have received approval to continue in service may also face a review.
In the meantime, employee organizations have rallied against the government’s decision. At the same time, enlightened people have also questioned the government’s decision. Various employee organizations are preparing to take the road against this decision of the government. It is also believed that this decision may be difficult for the BJP government before the Bihar assembly elections and by-elections in several states.

Senior Advocate and philanthropist Anil Trivedi says that the Central Government ‘s idea of ​​compulsory retirement to employees above the age of 50 years is completely unconstitutional. This idea is arbitrary and discriminatory. Even today, in the central government service rules, if an employee is found to be irregular, or negligent in the work, he can be given a compulsory retirement only after a departmental inquiry is proved by giving him a charge sheet.

Despite this provision, the policy of retirement on the basis of only 50 years of age is an open violation of the fundamental rights provided under the Constitution. Disability and age are two different things. Making age the basis is an open violation of the basic spirit and fundamental rights of the Constitution.
Trivedi says that the central government can work only according to the constitution. Arbitrary rules and policies can neither be framed nor enforced by invalidating the constitution. An allegation of incompetence or misdemeanor can be made at any time during the service period and
it is possible to punish it only if it is proved otherwise.
At the same time, Alok Khare , vice chairman of All India Bank Officers Association, believes that the removal of any government employee before retirement is a drastic action, which will definitely affect his family. This is the age when family’s responsibility is also highest on the person. It would be better to improve their quality, along with training them for technology, etc., their guidance and counseling can also be done.

Alok Khare says that as far as corruption is concerned, departmental inquiry can certainly be conducted against such employees. Also he can be punished after investigation. That is, the option of taking action against corrupt employees even under the current rules is always open to the government. In such a situation, giving premature retirement to any employee is completely unfair.

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