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Demand for land increased in Ayodhya as Ram temple was laid, prices increased 4 times

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Rishikesh Upadhyay, the mayor of Ayodhya, says that with the construction of Ram Mandir, there are increasing employment opportunities in Ayodhya. People of the country and the world are coming to Ayodhya.

Ayodhya. After the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) on the Ayodhya case of Uttar Pradesh, its effect on the prices of land has started showing here. At the same time, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone of Ram Mandir, the rates of land in Ayodhya are touching the sky. The land which was earlier sold in Biswa is now being sold in square feet. People associated with the business of land say that demand for land has increased a lot these days. People are searching for land in Ayodhya for most hotels and restaurants, Dharamshala.

The administration is also looking for land to install the statue of Lord Rama

There are 4 villages that are closest to Ram nagar – Maja Varhata, Shahnava, Majha Jamthara, Meerapur Duaba. All these villages are located on the banks of river Saryu. In one of these villages, the state government is trying to install the highest statue of Lord Ram in the world at 251 meters. If sources are to be believed, there is a ban on the buying and selling of big lands in these areas. For this, permission has to be obtained first. On the last day, when the exercise of installing a 251 meter high statue of Lord Rama started in Meerapur Duaba, adjacent to Ayodhya, the people of Meerapur Duaba resorted to the court and protested against the administration alleging low compensation.

After which now preparations are being made to install the world’s highest statue of Lord Rama in Majha Varhata and the amount of compensation has also been allocated by the administration for the purchase of land. Construction of Ram temple will begin in Ayodhya, in such a way, tourists will also grow and seeing the influx of tourists, big industrialists are now looking for land to expand their business in Ayodhya. In this, mainly the hoteliers and the Dharamshala are looking for land to open.
Four times the cost of land with the foundation stone laid

People associated with the land business told that most of the land that they are coming to find in Ayodhya are searching for the hotel Dharamshala. In such a situation, industrialists are constantly turning to Ayodhya, looking at the new business opportunity.

Looking for land in Ayodhya from a religious perspective too

According to Ayodhya Mayor Rishikesh Upadhyay, with the construction of Ram temple, there are increasing opportunities for employment in Ayodhya. People of the country and the world are coming to Ayodhya and not only for the purpose of business, but also for religious purposes, people are going to do social service in Ayodhya. People in Ayodhya Dharamshala, Rain Basera, Katha Mandap are trying to make all these things in Ayodhya. In such a situation, it is natural that the price of land will have to increase in Ayodhya.

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