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Delhi Metro Smart Card: With the new smart card, lakhs of passengers will travel easy, you will be happy knowing the merits

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New Delhi: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation , which has consistently provided modern facilities to its millions of passengers, has given another gift. In order to make the journey of millions of passengers of Delhi-NCR easier, easier and relief, DMRC has launched a new smart card (Delhi Metro New Smart Card). With the help of this card, passengers will now be able to travel in Delhi Metro without worrying. At present, this facility will not be available to the passengers of Noida-Greater Noida Metro, it may work in future. 

Let us know that the passengers of Delhi Metro starting from the month of September will see many changes due to Corona. Due to the Corona virus infection, passengers will have to pass through a stringent security check, while the Delhi Metro has handed over the new Smart Card to millions of passengers in view of the convenience of the people. The advantage of this smart card is that metro passengers will not need to stand in line for this, rather this smart card will be recharged by itself. How much is the money in the card? Also, travelers can remain unaware because it will be linked to the bank account. It is in discussion due to its merits. The new smart metro card will also have the facility that whenever the value of the card is less than Rs 100, then automatic 200 rupees will be automatically credited to the Automatic Fair Collection entrance gate at the stations.

In fact, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will provide a new type of smart card for the convenience and convenience of passengers in the coming days, which will be auto-top. feature) will accompany the feature. It is also available on the Google Play store. Initial offers are also being given to travelers with smart cards. Let us know the features of this new smart card of Delhi Metro and the facilities available to the passengers. 

  1. The proposed new smart card for Delhi Metro passengers will have auto-topup facility. According to the information provided by DMRC, the auto top-up facility will work whenever the amount in the new smart card issued by Autop is less than Rs 100. After this, these smart cards will be recharged at the AFC gateway by Rs 200. 
  2. According to Delhi Metro, Rupay is India’s own domestic payment gateway, through which banks will issue cards that have a special magnetic strip. 
  3. The money will be automatically credited to this card from any bank with which this new smart card will be linked. The good thing is that even on holidays or Sundays, money can be credited to the smart card.
  4. In this, the earlier card of the old card customers will also be kept valid.
  5. The new smart card will be available to customers through the ‘Autope’ app. 
  6. New Smart Card of Delhi Metro is   available through Auto Top-up App
  7. The purpose of launching the new metro card is to promote cashless transactions among Delhi Metro commuters.

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