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Corona will not run easily even after vaccine, drug may have to be taken every year

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The war against the Corona virus continues throughout the country. Meanwhile, the exercise on vaccine is also continuing. The latest news is that even after the vaccine, the corona epidemic is not going to go away easily. People may have to apply the vaccine every year. ICMR has given this indication. Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director General of ICMR, gave an example of flu and influenza viruses, which need to be vaccinated every year to avoid them.

On the timeframe of the presence of corona antibodies in the body, doctor Bhargava says that nothing can be said clearly in this regard right now. Since this virus is new and it has only been 6-7 months, so no scientific facts have been revealed in this regard. Once an infection is present, antibodies are said to remain in the body for 6 months to a year. But it will take time to clear the situation completely. Complete information about the two viruses that attack the respiratory system is currently available. One is the flu and the other is influenza.

Both of these viruses rapidly mutate. For this reason, its antibody is not effective in long-term protection. The immune system of older people is weak and to avoid them, one has to take vaccine every year. Coronavirus also attacks the respiratory system. If the corona virus also behaves like the flu or influenza, then vaccines may need to be taken every year to avoid this. However, some cases of Coronavirus have been reported to be re-infected. But, in general, the corona virus has seen major changes from mutations.

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