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Corona can be tested economically and accurately within 40 minutes, the price is less than Rs 50

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Beijing: Researchers in China have developed a new and economical system to detect corona. Through this, not only will the results be accurate, but it will not require any special equipment. According to researchers at Xuzhou Medical University in China, they have developed an isothermal based CRISPR for corona examination.

Explain that crisper technique is a tool, through which the cell can be reached. Poor genes present in DNA can be identified and inactivated and can be cut and removed. The study, published in the journal PLOS Pathogens, says that the growing demand for corona investigations has created a major crisis for all countries.

Till now it used to take time to report the investigation

Currently, metagenomic next generation sequencing (MNGS) and reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) models are used to investigate the corona, but both of these systems also have their limitations. For example, where the sequencing method is very expensive and results in testing after about a day, special machines are required for RT-PCR. Also, its mass availability is not possible.

Accurate results within 40 minutes

According to the researchers, due to lack of fast and accurate testing equipment, doctors are facing difficulties in dealing with the viral threat. In the new study, researchers have developed a new method of corona detection using the crisper system used in gene editing. This system, called crisper-covid, gives accurate results within 40 minutes. If this technique is produced on a large scale, a corona test can cost less than about 70 cents (about fifty rupees). 

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