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Cleanliness Fortnight started in Raipur Railway Division, players took out Prabhat Ferry, officers and employees took oath

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Raipur. Cleanliness-Seva-Pakhwara will be organized from 16 to 30 September under Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat on behalf of Indian Railways. During this time, South East Central Railway will also have different programs according to the theme on each day. In this series, on Wednesday, the cleanliness fortnight was started in Raipur Railway Division by taking out Prabhat Ferry. Players of Railway Sports Association participated in Prabhat Pheri. Prabhat Pheri reached DRM office from Balaji Chowk crossing Mandal Railway Hospital from Sekarsa Stadium, WRS Colony. Giving the above information, Raipur division office has said that, during this time everyone gave their participation by following the rules of Kovid-19. Cleanliness Fortnight is being celebrated under the direction of Divisional Railway Manager Shyam Sundar Gupta. Various officials have been nominated at the divisional level for its successful execution.

Through the PA System Proclamation Flex poster at railway stations, passengers are also being requested to adopt cleanliness and spread awareness among them. Railway officials and employees took oath in all offices, stations of Raipur Railway Division. It has been said that the India that Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed of was not only political independence, but also the idea of ​​a clean and developed country. Mahatma Gandhi broke the chains of slavery and liberated mother Bharati. Now, our duty is to remove dirt and serve Mother India. By committing 100 hours every year i.e. 2 hours every week, we will make this resolve for cleanliness. Starting from the workplace, it will spread from village to village and street to street to promote the Swachh Bharat Mission. The oath was taken not to mess with itself nor to let anyone else do it. It is being done by 100 other people and on behalf of all the people, Monitoring attempts were sworn in. The oath was taken to help clean the country of India. In the Divisional Railway Manager’s office, all the personnel, officers at their respective places in their departments were sworn in. The station director, station managers administered the oath to everyone at the station following the Kovid-19 rules.

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