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Buses that reached Chhattisgarh from Punjab and Tamil Nadu to get laborers returned empty, know what is the reason

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Janjgir-Champa, Jnn. Contractors transporting laborers from Chhattisgarh to other states have become active again. However, this time the police administration and labor department are also active, due to which they have not been able to take the workers. Villagers are also not willing to go without a registered contractor. For this reason, buses coming from the villages of Jajaipur and Bamnidih area of ​​Janjgir-Champa district to Punjab and Tamil Nadu workers had to return empty.

On Saturday, a Punjab bus (PB 29 X 4997) and a car (PB 07 AW 0008) arrived in Jaijapur to pick up laborers. During this period, about 50 laborers from other villages including Dewarghata, Parsadih, Jarve in Jajaipur area were filled and brought to the bus. The villagers informed the police on dial 112. The team reached the spot and did not allow them to take the workers due to the registration of the contractor.

On the other hand, two dozen workers from Semaria, Sarawani and other villages were boarding a bus (TN 52F 3318) in Tamil Nadu at seven o’clock on Sunday evening. On getting the information, the police investigated the vehicles. The police removed the workers and explained them and sent them back home.

No registration of contractors

In another state, registration of the contractor carrying workers is necessary in the labor department. Also, information has to be given about the workers to be taken out and in which company for how long they are being taken for work.

Labor Officer, Janjgir-Champa Dr. KK Singh said, a letter has been written to all the police in-charges that workers are not allowed to be taken out without investigation and permission during the Corona period. Action will be taken against non-registered labor contractors if they do so.

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