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BJP asks Jharkhand govt to refrain from cracker ban

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The government must not ban use of firecrackers for Diwali alone and in case it does choose to restrict fireworks for the Hindu festival, the same should also apply for Christmas and New Year, BJP’s Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth said on Saturday.
Adding that he, being the people’s representative, understands that the pollution and smoke emanating from the fireworks could pose a threat to public health amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Seth, who won the Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency for the first time last May, said, “I am also concerned about public health and safety, but everyone’s religious sentiments should be respected equally. The state government should take these into consideration and not just disrespect or offend one particular religion and its festival while issuing any guidelines,” he added.
Talking to TOI amid the debate over use of crackers in the wake of concerns raised by medical experts, Seth said, “I am opposed to any such ban if it is only for Diwali. Let’s ban it during festivals celebrated by other communities as well. Why only during Hindu festival? Ban it on December 25 (Christmas) and New Year when more crackers are used than Diwali.”
Meanwhile, RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) also has urged the state to refrain from imposing a blanket ban on crackers on Diwali. Only firecrackers imported from China cause pollution, but governments in various states have been banning all crackers without a proper study on their effects, it said.

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