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Appoint Sanskrit teachers in eight weeks

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The hearing on the petition filed for the appointment of Sanskrit teachers in the High School was held in the court of Justice SK Dwivedi of the High Court of Jharkhand. After the hearing, the court has instructed the education secretary to appoint Sanskrit teachers in eight weeks. Those who filed the petition in the court are residents of the non-notified district. Those who have been selected only one year ago.

During the hearing, the applicant’s advocate Amritansh Vats told the court that the examination was taken for the post of Sanskrit teacher under high school teacher appointment. The JSSC released the final volume in September 2019. He was also selected in the examination, but he was not being appointed citing the Soni Kumari case. Now the decision has come in the case of Soni Kumari and the High Court has ordered to continue the appointment in the non-notified districts.

In this case, they should be appointed as soon as possible. On this, the court ordered the Education Secretary to appoint them in eight weeks and the petition was executed. Advocates Sanjay Piperwal and Prince Kumar Singh, represented on behalf of JSSC. A petition in this regard was filed in the High Court on behalf of Kavita Sharma and others.

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